Automation for the building industries

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At the intersection of technology and the built environment

Hi, my name is Danil Nagy. I’m a designer, programmer, and entrepreneur creating technology to transform the building industries. I teach architecture and technology at Columbia University. I also run my own consultancy called Colidescope. As CTO of iBUILT, I oversee the development of ground-breaking technologies to change the way buildings are designed, constructed, and managed.

What I Do

Originally trained as an architect, I’ve developed expertise across a diverse set of fields including professional practice, research, and software development. This range of experiences gives me a unique ability to envision and develop technological solutions tailored to the unique needs of the architecture, construction, and real estate development industries.

Although I am always seeking opportunities to learn new things, my core competencies include:

Architectural design

Experience in design and delivery of projects at a variety of scales, with an emphasis on residential and mixed use design and space planning.

Product management

Proven track record of recruiting and managing diverse international product delivery teams using agile methodology and a KPI-driven approach

Software development

Expertise in developing custom software solutions based on best practices and state of the art computational techniques.


Over a decade of experience in teaching complex technical subjects to a design audience, from developing new university courses to creating my own online education platform.

Selected Work


Workplace insight and optimization platform developed while I was Innovation Product Manager at Silverstein Properties, a large real estate property developer and manager in New York City.

Modular configurator

Modular building configurator and site placement tool built for a large modular housing manufacturer in Japan.


Optimization plugin for Rhino Grasshopper.

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