Columbia University, GSAPP
2008 - 2011 Master of Science (M.S.) in Urban Planning
2007 - 2010 Master of Architecture (M. Arch)
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture and Art
2003 - 2007 Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Architecture


Articulate Design Office - New York, NY
Jan 2016 - Present Founder and Principle
The Living, an Autodesk Studio - New York, NY
May 2014 - Present

Lead Designer and Principal Research Scientist

Management and design of a variety of projects at a range of scales, from software and algorithm design to the design and programming of temporary installations and full-scale permanent buildings.
Columbia University - New York, NY
Dec 2012 - May 2014

Associate Research Scholar

Lead researcher for the Advanced Data Visualization Project at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP).
URBANUS Architecture and Design - Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China
Aug 2011 - Dec 2012

Lead Architectural and Urban Designer

Directing projects at various scales from product to architectural design, as well as urban design and planning. Participated in several international workshops and competitions. Led several research initiatives dealing with urban issues in China.


Columbia University, GSAPP - New York, NY
Fall 2013 - Present

Adjunct Professor of Architecture

Teaching core classes in architectural representation, as well as advanced seminars investigating the application of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Generative Design to urban analysis, planning, and architectural design.
Pratt Institute, GAUD - Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2017 - Present

Visiting Adjunct Professor

Teaching core classes in architectural representation as well as design studios focused on generative design and advanced fabrication methods including robotics.
University of Saint Joseph’s, Department of Architecture - Macau, China
Fall 2012

Visiting Adjunct Professor

Developed an original syllabus for teaching descriptive to complex curve geometry to undergraduate students in a class called Mathematics for Architects III: Introduction to Architectural Geometry.

Publications, exhibitions, workshops, and conferences

Dec, 2017

Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (UABB) - 深港城市 \ 建筑双城双年展 - Shenzhen, China

Design and installation of original exhibit in collaboration with Columbia GSAPP Studio-X and One Architecture.
Nov, 2017

Technology | Architecture + Design (Taylor & Francis)

Published an original paper "The Buzz Metric: A Graph-based Method for Quantifying Productive Congestion in Generative Space Planning for Architecture". [PDF]
Nov, 2017

Autodesk University (AU) - Las Vegas, NV

Presented a lecture and class session about the design process and technology behind the design of the AU2017 expo layout.
Nov, 2017

ACADIA - MIT, Cambridge, MA

Published and presented an original paper "Beyond Heuristics: A Novel Design Space Model for Generative Space Planning in Architecture". [PDF]
Sept, 2017

Design Modeling Symposium - Versailles, France

Published and presented two original papers:
- "Nature-Based Hybrid Computational Geometry System for Optimizing Component Structure". [PDF]
- "Survey-Based Simulation of User Satisfaction for Generative Design in Architecture". [PDF]
Aug, 2017

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism - 서울도시건축비엔날레 - Seoul, South Korea

Design and installation of interactive exhibit Twin Mirror.
July, 2017

SIGGRAPH - Los Angeles, CA

Presented a talk called "Nature-based hybrid computational geometry system for optimizing the interior structure of aerospace components" describing the generative design process behind the Bionic Partition.
July, 2017

GSAPP Summer Program - Shenzhen, China

Co-organized a travelling workshop for Columbia architecture and urban planning masters students which explored the use of new technologies of big data and machine learning to understand the Urban Village typology in Shenzhen.
June, 2017

Moscow Urban Forum - Moscow, Russian Federation

Co-organized with Sarah Williams of MIT's Civic Data Design Lab a week-long 'experimental data lab' to explore new methods of analysis and visualization of urban data.
May, 2017

Paradigm Shift - New Zealand

Keynote speaker at major architectural conference which travelled to 5 cities in New Zealand in 5 days. [Recording]
May, 2017

SimAUD - Toronto, Canada

Presented and published an original paper "Project Discover: An application of generative design for architectural space planning". [PDF]
Oct, 2016

UIST (Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) - Tokyo, Japan

Published an original paper "Crowdsourced Fabrication". [PDF]
Sept, 2016

X SUMMIT - San Francisco, CA

Displayed an interactive installation project called "The Artificial Artist" and presented it during the keynote sessions
July, 2016

SIGGRAPH - Anaheim, CA

Presented a talk called "The Hive: a human and robot collaborative building process" describing an interactive installation designed an inter-disciplinary team from Autodesk Research and the University of Stuttgart.
May, 2016

re:publica TEN conference - Berlin, Germany

Displayed an original interactive installation project called "RobotWall"
Oct, 2015

Design Modeling Symposium - Copenhagen, Denmark

Published and presented an original paper "Computational Brick Stacking for Constructing Free-Form Structures". [PDF]
June, 2015

Farm Think Workshop - Shenzhen, China

Led a workshop about utilizing new technologies in Big Data and Machine Learning for measuring the effects of impact investment projects in rural China.
March, 2015

Techonomy: Bio - Mountain View, CA

Participated in panel discussion about new bio materials and design.
Dec, 2014

Biofabricate - New York, NY

Keynote presentation about the Hy-Fi project.
Aug, 2014

Architectural Design (AD)

Feature article "Growing Details". [PDF]
Dec, 2013

Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (UABB) - Hong Kong

Designed and exhibited original installation based on the work of students in the Data Mining the City class at Columbia University.
April, 2011

Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism (Gestalten)

"Protocol Architecture" published as a featured project.
Jan, 2011

MADE UP: Design’s Fictions - Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

"Protocol Architecture" featured as project in joint exhibit.
Oct, 2010

ACADI@NY Conference - New York, NY

Presented work on new processes in digital design.